*Financial Analysis

Annabel & Jose Luis

Annabel & Jose Luis

My Dream “A Beautiful Mexican Traditional Wedding” came true and this is how I accomplished it:

My initial ideas: As far as my Financial Analysis Site, I want to share my wedding’s theme for planning and budgeting this type of wedding. A true traditional Mexican Wedding includes a Catholic Mass, a rich cultural reception and the continuation of wedding the next day called Torna Boda. I planned my own about a year ago and married the man of my dreams on May 24, 2008. It was such an overwhelming experience that eventually fulfilled all my expectations and was totally satisfied of my hard work. When asked about my planning, I simply want to share to all the interested my financial analysis of this remembered moment in life.

To start off my financial analysis I want to split the three main events: Mass, Reception, Torna Boda, closely analyzing each individual part that composes the whole event.


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