Inventor: Invasive Amebiasis

Maria del Socorro Flores Gonzalez, inventor of a “diagnosis to detect invasive amebiasis.”

Dr. Gonzalez at her laboratory

Dr. Gonzalez at her laboratory

The Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) supported the research since its inception, allowing to reach the results that have led the project to a level of international recognition.

This illness of invasive amebiasis is the formation of parasites in the intestine that can actually be harmful to health. Dr. Gonzalez explains that the test has been validated in populations of patients who have liver problems or have multiparasites affecting their liver, lungs or brain, also among those affected by stress. (Faculty of Biological Sciences)

There are parasites that do not represent higher risk and can be removed spontaneously by the human body, but the variety that leads to invasive amebiasis character is aggressive and can cause severity in the health of a patient. (Garcia-Bulle)

Among the most notorious symptoms are diarrhea and abdominal pain. She referred to the invasive amebiasis as a neglected disease and that it continues to affect a significant number of people nationally, and the interest given to its eradication is at a low. She argues that the presentation of symptoms for invasive amebiasis depended on the variety of the parasites hosted by the human body. She explains that many Mexicans unknowingly have amebiasis, but the real danger was in the spread of invasive amebiasis. (Garcia-Bulle)

Dr. Gonzalez is firm to point out that this issue deserves much more than a limited attention. “500 million people worldwide suffer from invasive amebiasis,” said the doctor adding that the disease kills 110,000 people per year. The Doctor has argued that amebiasis in its invasive form is a killer disease in many cases, and that patient’s survival depended on the speed of its diagnosis for the correct timely treatment. (Garcia-Bulle)

After her dedicatation of 20 years to the study of amebiasis, the doctor and her team discovered how to diagnose amebiasis more effective and this new diagnostic method offers significant advantages over the currently used commercial appeal. (Garcia-Bulle)

Dr. Gonzalez made it a vital example due to the seriousness of the investigation. “Her method was highly tested and validated by 300 doctors to include medical authorities at the national level. Her research has reached the point of developing a vaccine against amebiasis, but this will depend most of all from the support with which it can rely to continue their work. (Garcia-Bulle)

“My greatest wish is that my work will help my country,” concluded Dr. Gonzalez with the message that their aim with this new method of diagnosis is to get this resource for the prompt medical care for people with low incomes, which seem to be the most sufferers of the disease and have less chance of adequate medical care. “Mexico is a country with high risk of spread of invasive amebiasis” said the doctor, adding that it was of vital importance to enhance the interest in combating this disease. (Garcia-Bulle)

According to the doctor, these methods have a greater success in countries that do not have so many varieties to amebiasis, which allows them to be more accurate, the case of Mexico is more complicated by exposure to various types of parasites that can cause an error in consideration. (Madrigal)


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