Country: Mexico

• In Poland, Mexico, Bulgaria, Portugal, Thailand, Mauritius, Canada and Ukraine, the training of girls as skilled workers for agriculture, light industry, general services, public utilities, trade and public catering, is being constantly expanded in technical and vocational institutions. (Dyankers)

• In Mexico, the Directorate of Technological and Industrial Education offers training opportunities for girls in the fields of tourist industry, administration, pharmaceutical industry, dentistry, radiology, clinical laboratory, bio-chemistry, communication technologies, decorative design and many other professions. (Dyankers)

The Prix Special Award that Dr. Gonzalez recieved in 2006 is a recognition given to Mexican women to encourage and recognize their creativity, inventiveness and innovative spirit in the business, employment, education and in all areas related to the introduction of new products, services and processes. (Lara)

International GWIIN is composed of 59 women who developed projects related to information technology, communications and electronics, science, technology, design, engineering, education, environment, automotive, health, beauty and sport, fashion and textiles, art and crafts, and items for mothers, fathers and children. (Lara)

Global Female Invent and Innovate Conference and Awards

Global Female Invent and Innovate Conference and Awards

Ubaldo Ortiz, academic director of the UANL argued that Dr. Gonzalez’s project has represented Mexico in the international arena with excellence, and that has earned its place to participate in the world. (Garcia-Bulle)

Dra. Flores Gonzalez will compete as a representative of Mexico, with inventors from around the world at the International GWIIN (Global Female Invent and Innovate Conference and Awards) to be held in India in 2008. “I believe that India will have a special interest in this project, since they also have problems with the development of amebiasis,” said Dr. Flores. (Garcia-Bulle)

Dr. Gonzalez has stated that several foreign companies are already interested in the development of the project, but she hopes it to stay in Mexico, where she started the investigation. She hopes that her research will help to increase public interst in general for the advancement of sciece applied to medicine in Mexico. The hardships from new developments in Mexico in the field of sciences is that Mexico has to use other country’s resources and funding because the effecient support has not been established in Mexico. (Garcia-Bulle)

Conference held in Mexico for Science and Medicine Support

Conference held in Mexico for Science and Medicine Support

The registration of patents in Mexico over the past five years, according to statistics from the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property annotes that nearly 33 thousand patents for inventions were recorded. Of this figure include the following, 42 of these patents were of Mexican women; 671 recordings were made by Mexican men and 32 per thousand foreigners. In Mexico less than 4% of patents are Mexicans and the figure is negligible abroad. Dr. Gonzalez holds two patents registered in Mexico and two in the United States. (Universia; Mexico)

Picture 1: (Lara)

Picture 2: (Garcia-Bulle)


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