November 2, 2008

Week 5 Post

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Formatting has not been good to me. I wrote my draft in Note Pad but for some odd reason I am getting different fonts and font sizes within the draft and between pages. I finally figured out how to add the pictures on my blog for my Culture Site Project. I still have not received an email back from the Dr. Gonzalez on the interview. I am formatting my Culture Site Pages to be under the parent page of Culture Site. I broke down my sub pages to be Bibliography, Country: Mexico, and also her invention.  It has been hard trying to get some of her invention’s sources. I have tried researching Databases and regular online researches to find more on her invention, but this seems complicated. I am unsure whether it is because of the language, translating has been difficult too.


October 24, 2008

OSU Librarian Help

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The librarian was able to help me do a couple of things and understand processes.

First off, I have never checked out a book or used the OSU catalog browser, I was able to get a refresher course that sounded similar to the one in High School.  Newspapers, articles, books, videos are all available at OSU.

Databases are a vital need for students in Universities.  I was able to Login with my username and password to research my culture site topic. I had no luck with finding any resource of Ms. Gonzalez, but was able to find articles relative to her research topics.

October 19, 2008

Culture Site Proposal

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Who is she? Dr. María del Socorro Flores González

Where is she from? Mexico, state unknown.

What is her technology? Immunodiagnostics by Western-blot of Invasive Amoebiasis

When did she live? She currently lives, age unknown.

I was surprised to find her email on her bibliography link, so I took the liberty of emailing her about a possible interview as well as getting helpful information for my blog since her invention is somewhat scarce in the web. I hope to see if she can email me back with books she has wrote, more detailed information about the technologies she used to discover the invasive amoebiasis as well as learn what happened when she went to India to compete for prestigious awards.

October 11, 2008

Culture site

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My initial ideas