November 2, 2008

Week 5 Post

Posted in Culture Site Posts, Weekly Posts at 6:32 pm by ortegaan

Formatting has not been good to me. I wrote my draft in Note Pad but for some odd reason I am getting different fonts and font sizes within the draft and between pages. I finally figured out how to add the pictures on my blog for my Culture Site Project. I still have not received an email back from the Dr. Gonzalez on the interview. I am formatting my Culture Site Pages to be under the parent page of Culture Site. I broke down my sub pages to be Bibliography, Country: Mexico, and also her invention.  It has been hard trying to get some of her invention’s sources. I have tried researching Databases and regular online researches to find more on her invention, but this seems complicated. I am unsure whether it is because of the language, translating has been difficult too.


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